Silvia Turbiner

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I was born, work and live in Buenos Aires. I studied and graduated as an architect, which was my first outlet for artistic expression.

The artist and teacher Luis Negrotti's courses introduced me to textile and papermaking techniques with a close connection to nature, using natural materials and traditional and nontraditional weaving methods.

When I first started pulling and playing with bast fibers, it reminded me of how I feel when I swim, the same kind of movement and lightness. I feel a very strong connection between swimming and the preparation of the fibers and handmade paper. Paper is a versatile material full of poetry, delicate yet strong, smooth and structured, created in water, shaped by water.

I like seeing the whole process through, from the beginning right to the very end, from the gathering of the plants, through the drying, soaking and cooking of the fibers, and to the final sculptural result. I love the tactile feel of the surface and to watch it become a strong, yet vulnerable, skin that bends and flows with my breath.

My works are about identity and the nature of existence...they are about memories and heritage emerging through different layers of sculpted paper.

I have taught, lectured and exhibited locally and internationally for over 30 years. My "Presence of the void" received the Joan Wall Award at the Sivori Museum’s Textile Biennial in Buenos Aires, and one of my earlier Artist Books is included in the National Liberty Museum of Philadelphia’s collection.

Today, my creativity continues to flourish by experimenting and sharing with the artists that come to my studio, and happily, this is a never-ending process.


Art Training and Education

1992-94-96-98    Workshops in paper-making, preservation and coloring with dyes and pigments.
1979-1981             Studies with Luis Negrotti, design, textile techniques and handmade paper.
1976-1978            Self research in fiber, textile design and painting.
1968-1974            Architect Degree. University of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of Buenos Aires F.A.D.U. - UBA. Buenos Aires University.
1967                    GCE Examination in Art, University of London.


2017. 106 Visual Arts National Show
2016. Solo exhibition in FADU, Buenos Aires; 105 Visual Arts National Show
2015. 104 Visual Arts National Show; XXIV Textile Art Biennial. Sivori Museum
2014. ARDI Art and Design, Buenos Aires.  “El libro y su doble” Fondo Nacional de las Artes. .
2013. 102 Visual Arts National Show; XXIII Textile Art Biennial 2012/2013, Sivori Museum.
2012. 101 Visual Arts National Show.
2011. Joan Wall Award, XXII Biennial 2012/2013, Sivori Museum, Buenos Aires.
2010. “Casados con papeles” Sivori Museum.
2009.XXI Salón de Tapiz, Biennial 2008-2009, Museo Sívori, Buenos Aires.98 Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, 5ª Bienal Internacional de Arte textil, Buenos Aires; 
2008. 97 Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires. 2006.”Extraordinary Books” Columbia College, Chicago, USA. “Libros de Artistas”, Fundación Yok, Buenos Aires. 
2005. Arttoget Gallery , Tel- Aviv, Israel.
2004: “Crossing Borders” SFAC Suburban Fine Art Center, Highland Park, Illinois.

Silvia Turbiner works and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
She has taught, lectured and exhibited nationally and internationally. 
An example is her seminars in the Center for Book and Paper Arts in Columbia College, Chicago.    
Since 1980 she started teaching design, textile techniques and papermaking.